Wearable Time

Wearable Time is any time that has been automatically tracked on behalf of a user via Crowdkeep IoT Gateway and Wearables. There are three different versions of Crowdkeep Wearables:

Crowdkeep ID

Crowdkeep ID Holder

Crowdkeep Keychain

Important: Wearable Time cannot be modified by anybody.

Time Entry

Time entries can be created via three different strategies based on your account policy.

Strategy 1: Time Entries generated via Wearable Time (Recommended)

Requires every employee to carry a Crowdkeep ID on them while at work.
Let Crowdkeep generate and utilize data pattern matching and machine learning to create Time Entries on behalf of other team members. Employees and administrators will have a chance to review the results before they go through an approval process or integration with account and payroll.

Strategy 2: Time Entries are submitted by each employee

Requires every employee to install and have access to iOS, Android, or Web App.
Every employee at the organization will have Crowdkeep access to submit their own Time Entries manually. If using Wearables, the Wearable Time will be displayed alongside the employees' Time Entries.

Strategy 3: Time Entries are submitted by each administrator on behalf of another employee

Does not require every employee to have Crowdkeep ID or access to Crowdkeep.
Time Entries can only be created by administrators. If using Wearables, the Wearable Time will be shown alongside the employees' time entries. Administrators will manually submit Time Entries on behalf of another employee.

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