Display, add, and remove employees.


Display mapping and analytics for all places.


Display, modify, and remove tasks. (For Business and Enterprise users: Manage task permissions).


Display, add, and modify account policies.

Time Entry Reports

Create and view Time Entry reports.

Help Guide

Access Crowdkeep's 24/7 content library and easily ask for help from one of our customer success team members.

Time Entry Day Total

Total time in the day for Time Entries for the current employee.

Wearable Day Total

Total time in the day for Wearable Time for the current employee.

Live Chat / Support

Easily live chat Crowdkeep customer success team members.

Submit Entire Week

Submit the entire week of un-submitted Time Entries.

Create Time Entry

Allows you to create a Time Entry.

Switch Employee

As an administrator, you may easily switch between each employee's time.

Audit - Time Entries

View a detailed summary of activity related to Time Entries.

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