Submitting a Single Time Entry

  1. Log into your Crowdkeep Account and go to your time sheet by clicking on the Time Icon on the top left menu bar.

     2. Click on an existing time entry OR create a time entry for the date(s) which you               wish to submit time entries for by clicking on any of the empty grey boxes on                 your time sheet OR click on + ADD Time on the top right corner of the                             page.
     3. Enter the Date, Start Time, End Time, Task, and add a Description (optional).

     4. Click the Save button then, click the Submit button to submit the time entry for             approval.

Note: You can only edit your Time Entry before if it is unsubmitted. Once you submit a time entry, you cannot change the time, task, or description. Your approver will have to deny your time entry in order for you to edit it.

Unsubmitted Time Entries

On the top right corner of the page, there is an indicator on the submit button to let you know how many time entries you have created but have not yet submitted.

The Submit count is there to help you manage and keep track of your time entries so that you submit all of your time entries for the payroll week.

Click on the Submit button to submit all of your time entries for the given week for managers approval.


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