With so many internet browser options out there, it's hard to tell which ones actually work with different sites. We've thought ahead of the game and made our site compatible with every major current browser on the market!

Currently Supported Web Browsers:

  • Google Chrome - www.google.com/chrome/
  • Mozilla Firefox - www.mozilla.com/firefox
  • Microsoft Edge - www.microsoft.com/edge
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer - www.microsoft.com/ie Please note: Microsoft has discontinued support and security updates for all versions below Version 11. This means those older versions may not work well. Due to the lack of security updates for the older versions, parts of our site may not be accessible. Please update your IE version or choose a different browser.
  • Apple Safari (Apple devices only) - www.apple.com/safari

As always, stay safe out there! The best practice is to make sure you have the most recent updates for your browser and have all security updates published for your computer operating system.

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