Crowdkeep Wearable

What is iBeacon?

Apple iBeacon is a new Bluetooth signal that interacts with your companies' facilities. It senses your teams' arrival and leave times so you'll never have to write your time of arrival and leave ever again.

How does iBeacon improve team time-tracking?

Apple iBeacon securely senses a Bluetooth presence in facilities that you are authorized to access. Using the technology eliminates daily clocking in and clocking out. Only when employees perform work outside of an authorized facility, work overtime, and take time-off will they think about time tracking.

A Crowdkeep Card uses an iBeacon profile that contains a combination of letters and numbers, broken up into specific groups. Each code is unique for every beacon and it will only transmit to the cloud if it is recognized by a facility that your employer has granted access to.

Why is team time-tracking important today?

Team time-tracking has been around for many years. It's something any organization doing business with local or federal governments, non-profit organizations, and health-care organizations is required to do by law. It's important to produce accurate numbers to comply with DCAA compliance, the Department of Labor, and other local government contract audit agencies. 

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